Lakeville's Theater Bracing for 'Hunger Games'

Theatersaround the region are ready to satisfy movie-goers' appetite for heavily anticipated big-screen epic.

A single unobtrusive poster in the main lobby of Lakeville 21 Theater is the only thing tipping off popcorn buyers that “The Hunger Games” is 'Coming Soon.'

But there has been plenty of other promotional and social buzz to help attract throngs of rabid fans eager to see the midnight premiere Thursday night of the heavily anticipated film.

And according to its website, Lakeville 21 has plenty of tickets available for the movie, based on Suzanne Collins’ young adult novel about the ultimate post-apocalyptic reality show. Nationally, the Huffington Post says the film has already sold out approximately 2000 screens.

Some estimates have the big-screen epic on pace to bring in between $130-140 million during the opening weekend, and critical reviews are also sky-high with the film currently rating a 91 on the movie review website Rotten Tomatoes.

The hype is the same in Apple Valley.

“The previews really draw you in,” said Garrett Ganskie, an employee at Carmike 15 theater in Apple Valley. “I want to say it’s going to be bigger than Harry Potter, but you never know. Right now, it looks like it will be.”

Ganskie said his theater has “pretty much” sold out its largest screen in advance of the Thursday night premiere and expects ticket sales to “really heat up” throughout the day. More screens will be opened to satisfy what could be an insatiable appetite of fans as needed.

Tony Fazio, the General Manager for the  agrees the film will open big.

“It’s rivaling both Harry Potter and the Twilight series,” said Fazio of the pre-buy buzz. “I actually expect it to surpass those movies.”

Fazio said his theater has already sold out one screen and anticipates opening up to three screens for the late Thursday night crush. Strong sales are also expected through the weekend.

“I think the difference is this movie is targeted to a much larger audience than those films,” Fazio said. “There’s certainly a lot of hype.”

To get tickets to the Lakeville 21 Theater, you can call 952-985-5324, or visit their website.

Movie times for the Marcus Theater in Rosemount are available by calling 651-322-4600, or visit their website. For Carmike Cinemas in Apple Valley, call 952-431-4859. You can also visit their website.


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