Have Snow Pics? Share Them With Patch

St. Louis Park Patch wants your help in documenting the snowstorm.

It's not over yet.

What has already been an is now carrying over into spring, as the four to seven inches expected today in the Twin Cities comes three days after the equinox. Depressing, huh?

Well, let's be optimistic and think that this will be the last blizzard of the year, as sunshine and picnics are surely just around the corner. But before we get there, St. Louis Park Patch wants your help in documenting this March snowstorm. You can do so by sending us your snow pictures, whether that means a shot of a buried car, dad shoveling or the kids playing on a new mound of snow. E-mail michael.rose@patch.com, or, if you're a registered Patch user, simply add your photos directly to this post (click "Add Your Photos and Videos" above). We'll feature your pics throughout the day.

Thank you, and stay safe and warm!


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